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Jarfall - Stress Severity Factor

This form calculates the stress severity factor according to the Method of Jarfall, ref. 1.
See 101049-D004 for sample calculation.

Input Data

Reference Stress :Fref =  psi  
Bypass Load :Pby =  lb  
Load Transfer :δP =  lb  
Width :w =  in  
Thickness : t = in  
Diameter : d =  in  
# fasteners :n =  -  
Single or double shear?
Hole condition => α
Hole filling factor => β


Press  to run the numbers ... 

     SF =


  1. Jarfall, Lars Eric 'Optimum Design of Joints: The Stress Severity Factor Concept', The Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden, 1967.
  2. Niu, Michael Chun-Yun 'Airframe Structural Design' chapter 7.